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Weight Loss

  • Lose weight sustainably
  • Dietitian developed program based on science
  • Simple step-by-step coaching
  • Personalised meal plans, activity plans, and mindset videos

Better Sleep

  • Improve the quality and duration of your sleep
  • Simple coaching on lifestyle and bedtime routine improvements
  • Practical advice and techniques including mindset videos

Healthy Ageing

  • Understand age-related conditions and risk factors
  • Improve your wellbeing through diet, sleep and activity plans
  • Follow step-by-step videos and interactive tools

Stress Resilience

  • Build your resilience to stress
  • Simple practical skills and techniques
  • Understand the basic science behind stress and it’s causes
  • Step-by-step coaching including mindset videos
  • Boost your productivity and effectiveness
  • Learn simple, practical skills and techniques
  • Protect your wellbeing and lifestyle balance
  • Implement times of focus and times of guilt free recovery

Unlimited access

Any plan above except Personal Productivity plus

Meal Plan

  • Access 1000+ recipes
  • Create automatic shopping lists
  • Adjust serves for your family
  • Cater for food preferences and allergies

Activity Plan

  • Select exercises you prefer
  • Tailored to your experience level
  • Step-by-step guides with images and videos
  • Swap workouts to match your schedule
For only
Per month
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