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Get iFit with youTunes

Last Updated: 17 January 2019








Get iFit with youTunes

Putting motivational music in your ears can help kick-start, time and sustain your workout. Olympic athletes cite the positive effects of music on energy levels and mood – move to the rhythm…

Plug in those phones and inject some music into your exercise regime. Reigning world and Olympic champion cyclist Victoria Pendleton prepares for her races with the Foo Fighters and chills to Massive Attack; for American swimming legend Michael Phelps it’s Eminem; British track-gold hope Mo Farah tunes in to Tupak Shakur and Jessica Ennis (women’s heptathlon) loads her iPod with hip-hop.


Put together a playlist to fit your workout and time the tracks to suit. Kick off the mix with a warm-up number then raise the tempo with hard-hitting, inspirational tracks to sustain momentum during the most intense phase of your routine. Run/cycle/whatever – then slow the rhythm to cool down and relax.


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan

Goals & motivation
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