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Clean eating turned dirty

Last Updated: 17 January 2019








Clean eating turned dirty

Despite being the most googled diet phrase in 2016, ’clean eating’ is facing a backlash from many health professionals and journalists who are not only arguing that the idea of clean eating leads to a ‘holier than thou’ mentality but is also nothing more than another faddy diet con. 

What is ‘clean eating’?

Most clean eating advocates would describe clean eating as eating whole foods in as natural a state as possible. Nothing wrong with this right? Well..many clean eating supporters also recommend cutting out major food groups such as dairy, grains and gluten. Cutting out major food groups can not only lead to nutrient deficiencies, but also unhealthy, unsustainable eating behaviours.

While many of the principles of ‘clean eating’ such as eating minimally processed foods and using healthier cooking methods are sensible, wholegrain and dairy can provide many nutritional benefits, and a little of what you fancy in your diet can boost your physical and mental health. 

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