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Get fit while watching TV

Last Updated: 12 January 2019








Get fit while watching TV

Long days, cold weather and spending weekends at home can often turn us into couch potatoes. Read our top tips to help you stay healthy and well while tuning in to watch your favourite TV programs…


Sports competitions, TV program season releases and new movies are some of the reasons we can end up glued to the sofa and end up in front of the screen for more hours than usual. Lets be realistic here and accept TV time as a given, but it doesn't mean that it has to affect your health – Try out these five fun forms of interactive viewing to keep healthy:


1. Cardio equipment

Dust down (if necessary) that treadmill, rowing machine, exercise bike and set it up slap bang in front of the box (or flat screen). Now, you can watch the tube only if you get moving. 


2. No fancy equipment?

No problem! March (low impact) or jog on the spot while your show unfolds – dress the part, invest in a pedometer, insist family take turns and measure personal and collective mileage. Get a competition going if it helps you stay motivated! Viewers can easily adapt this exercise depending on your fitness levels. Try jogging during show time then resting during commercials, marching during show times and jogging during commercials or if feeling strong jog throughout the whole program. The intervals and intensity is completely up to you.


3. Selective viewing

Bored by ad breaks or certain program segments? Lap the room, fast, until something more interesting comes on – don’t stop until it does. Space too tight? Go for sets of press-ups, squats, lunges, star jumps or crunches. 


4. Low intensity

Remember that stretching is an important element of any exercise regime. Stretching can easily be done infront of the telly and doesn't require a lot of space. Sit on the floor and hold various stretches throughout your TV watching session. Stretching is also a good option when multiple people are in front of the box - tends to be less distracting to others!


5. Immerse yourself

Throw yourself into what your viewing. This is particularly easy when watching sport competitions. Bring on that adrenaline high – shout at the telly, cheer your favourite athletes on, clap, wave your arms around, stamp your feet, shake a fist and yell at the judges / umpire, jump and punch the air with every victory.


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan

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