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The IBS superdiet

Last Updated: 19 January 2019








The IBS superdiet

It’s estimated that 1 in 5 of us suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), symptoms of which include cramping, excess wind, nausea and irregular bowel movements. But now there may be hope for sufferers in the form of the FODMAP diet. 

The low FODMAP diet was originally created at Monash University in Melbourne by Peter Gibson and Susan Shepherd and since its development has been shown to be effective for individuals with IBS and other gastrointestinal disorders.


‘What is a FODMAP?’ you may well ask. FODMAPS are types of carbohydrate, commonly found in wheat, dairy, many fruits and vegetables and artificial sweeteners. As they are poorly absorbed in the small intestine, they travel to the large intestine where bacteria ferment them – and it is this process that produces some of the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of IBS. Reducing intake of foods high in FODMAPs has been shown to alleviate symptoms in many IBS sufferers. High FODMAP foods include beans, pears, apples, garlic, onion, dried fruit, almonds, lentils, mushrooms, instant coffee and artificial sweeteners. For a full detailed list of foods high and low in FODMAPs, visit http://www.med.monash.edu/cecs/gastro/fodmap/.


Written by Ruth Tongue
(MSc Nutrition) 

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