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The end of eating?

Last Updated: 18 January 2019








The end of eating?

A drink has been created that claims to remove the need for eating altogether by providing the complete range of nutrients and calories needed for a balanced diet. 

The product called Soylent has been created by Robert Rhinehart, an engineer who was finding he was spending too much time and money looking for nutritious meals. He claims that the new drink (that apparently tastes a little like gritty watered-down pancake batter) can be used to replace all meals, although he only recommends using it to replace staple meals.


Nutritionists are sceptical, saying that real food is more than just a combination of vitamins and nutrients and that this interaction between these nutrients within a food cannot be replicated.  Other health experts have expressed concern about what might happen to the teeth and digestive system in the long term if they’re effectively made redundant. There is also no evidence for the long term safety of the so-called functional drink. But what is clear is that a chalky drink three times a day has nothing on the enjoyment, satisfaction and holistic experience of eating a lovingly prepared home cooked meal.


Written by Ruth Tongue

(MSc Nutrition)

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