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It’s almost Halloween which means people are flocking to the shops to buy pumpkins. But come November 1st, don’t throw away your jack-o-lantern, eat it instead!


There’s a reason Americans love pumpkin so much, firstly it’s delicious, but also pumpkin has a number of health benefits. Pumpkin seeds pack a high amount of zinc which is important for sexual health, hair and nails, and your immune system. The seeds also contain fibre and antioxidants which can protect against cancer and promote heart health.


Pumpkin contains lots of vitamin A which is essential for healthy eyes. In fact just one cup provides twice the recommended daily allowance. It also contains about 15% of your RDA of vitamin E – good for keeping cells healthy.


Pumpkin can be added to soups and stews, eaten on its own or made into delicious pumpkin pie. The seeds are great for healthy snacking so there’s really no reason to throw away your pumpkin after Halloween. Get carving then get eating! 


Written by Ruth Tongue
(MSc Nutrition)


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