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Party safe this festive season

Last Updated: 17 January 2019








Party safe this festive season

Most people enjoy a drink or two over the holiday time, but parties and excessive drinking quite often go hand in hand, resulting in disastrous consequences.

To make sure you stay safe and in control this season follow these 3 pointers:


1. Don’t drink on an empty stomach

Going out straight from work, or to a party with just snacky buffet food often means drinking on an empty stomach. And this means that alcohol will be absorbed rapidly – and you’ll get drunk much quicker.  By having a meal that’s a combination of carbohydrate and fat before drinking (like a baked potato with cheese or eggs on toast), you’ll slow down the absorption of alcohol, meaning you’ll stay in control and able to stay in control for longer! Just remember that if you’re having to line the stomach a lot over the festive season, the calories will pile up – best to limit your drinking.


2. Set yourself a limit and stick to it

By setting yourself a drinks curfew, you’ll keep a better eye on how much you're drinking, and ensure that you don’t regret anything the next day! To stick to your limit, alternate your drinks with water or soda and don’t join in on group rounds.


3. Think about how you want to be perceived

Slurring words, vomiting in the street and acting embarrassingly are not particularly desirable qualities and I doubt many of us would want to be that person at the end of the night! Yes everyone wants to have fun, but think about how you want to be perceived by friends, family and colleagues. If it’s as someone who’s fun to be around yet cool, in control and elegant then control your drinking and enjoy the situation and company - not just the drinks.


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan

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