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Fun ways to exercise

Last Updated: 18 January 2019








Fun ways to exercise

In need of some motivation to get moving? Try out these fun ways to exercise:

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is not just for those working in strip clubs. It’s actually a really fun way to go get a good workout and to make you feel sexy and feminine at the same time. Pole dancing classes are more popular than ever and usually involve a small group of women, high heels and of course, poles.


The twists, turns and lifts mean all your muscles are worked at once and your strength and tone will improve significantly due to constantly lifting your own body weight. It’s also a great cardio exercise because it’s tiring! Don’t be shy, most classes are full of women of all shapes and sizes just looking for a fun way to keep fit and improve their strength.



Spinning plastic rings around your waist has never been more popular. Even Michelle Obama does it. Around 400 calories an hour are burned through hula hooping and the movement means your abs and thighs are really put through their paces. So if you’re looking for a flat stomach, then this is the way to go! You can either find a class, which there are plenty of, or buy one and do it yourself at home. If you have kids, it’s a good way to get them exercising too.



The great thing about trampolining, apart from it being fun, is that it’s easy on the joints. It means you could do it every day and not injure yourself through impact. It also improves balance and coordination because the springs are easing at making you topple over. This isn’t just an exercise for kids either – lots of adults partake in trampolining and lots of gyms and fitness centres have them.  If you’ve ever jumped up and down on your bed as a kid, then you know how much fun jumping is. With a trampoline, it’s even better. Imagine getting fit while performing somersaults!

Roller Blading/Ice Skating

Roller blading and ice skating are very similar. They both require good balance and the body moves in the same way for both. They are another low impact exercise but not only are they good cardio that improves fitness and burns calories; they improve your balance, muscle strength and flexibility as well. The movements means your abs and legs will get a good workout especially. They’re also a lot fun. Roller blading is the cheaper option because you can buy a pair of inline skates then go down the park yourself. With ice skating, it’s more costly because you will have to pay for the use of an ice-rink and skates too if you don’t have your own pair. Nevertheless, both offer a fun way to exercise and it’s something the whole family can get involved in.



On the beach, in the park, in your own garden. Throwing a Frisbee back and forth is actually a decent workout because it involves running, jumping, throwing and will improve your hand to eye coordination and muscle strength. If you fancy it, you can join an ‘ultimate frisbee’ team, which involves two teams attempting to score a goal by throwing the Frisbee to each other down the field. If that seems a bit too advanced for you, one-on-one Frisbee is still a fantastic way to get in some exercise.


There are an abundance of dance classes from Zumba to ballet to salsa to break-dancing. There is a dance class out there for everyone and every kind of dance will ensure you get a good workout. Not only is dancing tiring, but it improves your coordination, flexibility, strength and even your memory. Most importantly, it’s fun and it gives you a chance to learn a new skill and impress your friends with. Joining a class is best because you will develop friendships and there will be a camaraderie between you all, so messing up on moves will make it even more fun when there’s a group of you to laugh about it.



Boxing isn’t just for big, strong men. Lots of women box. All kinds of women. This is because it’s such a good workout. Firstly, boxing is a way to release all your stress, anger and frustration. There’s nothing more satisfying than punching a bag when trying to relieve stress. Not only this, but the punches you learn will help you if you ever need to defend yourself.


Boxing builds up your strength, improves flexibility and balance and also gives your abs a great workout too. By planting your feet on the ground and pivoting while you punch, means your waist will twist in a way that works all of your abs. Boxing is a great, fun way to shed the pounds and tighten up your whole body. It’ll also turn you into a real tough-cookie not to be messed with!



Written by Dr. Noel Duncan

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