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5 reasons to run a marathon

Last Updated: 17 January 2019








5 reasons to run a marathon

With the London Marathon just gone it’s reasonable that many of you are inspired but are not entirely convinced yet whether you should run one. So here are the top five reasons why you definitely should.

 5. Charity

Perhaps you or people you know have been affected by a disease, or maybe you want to give something back to your community. Raising money and running a marathon for charity is a brilliant motivator. It will give you a sense of purpose and a reason not to give up. No matter how much money you raise, you will raise awareness for the charity and help change real lives.


4. Fitness

Training for a marathon will get you in the best shape of your life. The 26.2 miles is gruelling and you will hurt, but if you train properly you will avoid injury. Your whole body will be toned, you’ll look great and you will probably look to other exercises you might not have tried before like yoga or swimming to help you cool down from long runs. Your diet will no doubt improve as you log your miles, you’ll lose weight and you’ll feel fitter than you ever have.


3. People

In training and on race day, you’ll meet so many inspiring people, old and young, running a marathon for all kinds of reasons. Some will do it just for fun or for the personal achievement but others will run it for loved ones or for a cause that they feel so passionate about. People will all kinds of abilities from seasoned athletes to people with special needs come together with a huge sense of camaraderie. An instant bond will be formed with every other runner there. It’s moving, inspiring and there’s nothing else like it.


2. Achievement

Running a marathon will give you bragging rights for the rest of your life because it’s not something everyone can, or will, do. It’s an enormous accomplishment to run for 26.2 miles in pain, feeling like you can’t go on. But to complete this goal that you’ve been training for, for months, sacrificing your social life and time with family and friends, is huge. It’s an achievement that you can be proud of and other people will be proud of you too. Not many people can say they’ve ran a marathon, so you will belong to a small, but exceptional group of people.


1. Confidence

There’s nothing like running 26.2 miles and achieving your goal to boost your confidence. It takes a strong body and an even stronger mind to run a marathon. You will prove to yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to and no task will ever seem as big or daunting as the one you’ve just completed. You will be able to achieve anything and everyone around you will know it. They’ll never doubt you again, but more importantly neither will you. The runner’s high will stay with you. You’ll discover yourself and you’ll get a shiny medal to wear proudly whenever you need a reminder of just how truly special you are.


Written by Ruth Tongue

(MSc Nutrition)

Goals & motivation
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