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Why use a health coach?

Last Updated: 18 January 2019








Why use a health coach?

Health advice can be very confusing. Every day there is a new piece of advice from researchers, scientists and doctors claiming that X,Y and Z is bad for us. It’s impossible to keep up with all of the advice out there, so not surprisingly, a lot of us ignore it.

The good news is, we can actually let other people gather the health advice out there for us. These people are health coaches and they can help you change your unhealthy behaviours by creating programmes specific to you. This means there is no need for you to trawl through endless news articles that contradict one another. A health coach will take the time to get to know you, and will work with you to make you healthy.


It’s incredibly important that we take our health seriously. This means quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, reducing the amount of sugar, salt and saturated fat from our diets, and increasing our intake of fruits, vegetables and water. The problem is, we’ve all heard this a million times. This advice is everywhere but without somebody helping us to do these things, it’s almost impossible to maintain this.


A health coach is there to do just that. They exist to help people implement new lifestyle behaviours. They work out a specific, easy-to-follow health plan for you and you only, which is designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


As humans, we are quite stubborn. We know what we like and most of the time don’t want to give up the things we enjoy. Unfortunately, over time, the things we enjoy can put our health at risk. Smoking is the classic example, but it also applies to food and lifestyle behaviours like sitting. We sit in the car or on the train, we sit at work, we sit on our way home and sit again in front of the TV. We like sitting because we’re not exerting ourselves. It’s comfortable. Most of the activities people enjoy involve sitting – watching a film, playing computer games, using a computer. A health coach, will help you to identify unhealthy lifestyle behaviours like too much sitting, and help you to instead introduce healthy lifestyle behaviours.

But it’s not just the physical behaviours that make us healthy. Mental health is just as important and anybody suffering from anxiety, stress or depression can benefit from health coaching. Coaches who specialise in this area can help you to manage relationships, beat stress and improve your wellbeing. They can also help you achieve personal goals, recognise your strengths and talents among other things.


Health coaches can inspire people. Ultimately, it’s your life and you decide what you do, but a health coach can guide you along the way, and help you to make the best choices for you.



Written by Ruth Tongue
(MSc Nutrition)

Goals & motivation
Mental health
Weight loss
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