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No more January blues

Last Updated: 18 January 2019








No more January blues

It’s official – Monday 20th January is the most depressing day of the year.  The original date of "Blue Monday" was calculated by Dr. Cliff Arnall a researcher at Cardiff University. He used a formula involving six factors; weather conditions, debt level and our ability to pay that debt, time elapsed since Christmas, time elapsed since failing our New Years resolutions, our general seasonal motivational levels, and our need to take action and to have something to look forward to.

Many people decide to book a holiday or think about a career change in January to lift themselves out of the blues – but there are cheaper (and less drastic) ways to find your MOJO again. 


1. Add some variety to your life

It’s true that variety is the spice of life – and by breaking out of your regular routine you’ll experience a new boost. It can be small things like trying a new breakfast, taking a different route to work, or wearing a colour you wouldn’t typically choose. Aim to choose one thing to vary each day this week and note the difference it makes to your mood and outlook.


2. Create something

Many of us lack the chance to be creative in our daily lives and unless you have a particularly creative job, it can be difficult to find somewhere to unleash your creative side. Research has shown that being creative improves mood, self esteem and socialisation. Use your free time to do something that uses your creative side – whether it’s making instead of buying greetings cards, perfecting a new recipe, or photographing your family.


3. Unleash your inner child

We all take life a bit too seriously sometimes and by taking a step back and seeing things through the eyes of a child, it can bring a whole new perspective to situations. Try going to a new park or outdoor space and absorbing it – run around, get muddy and have some fun without a purpose or end goal. If you feel this is too far out of your comfort zone, try going back to a sport you played as a child, or picking up one of your favourite childhood books. It can take you back to a less complicated and stress-free time in your life, even just for twenty minutes!


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan



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