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Exercise for better memory

Last Updated: 15 January 2019








Exercise for better memory

We have already discussed the numerous benefits of being active but a new research suggests that regular and moderate physical activity stimulates the brain region that controls memory. When you move around you are basically using more cells. Yay!

The secret is in a chemical that is released by those brain cells so the more you exercise, the more of that chemical is produced by your genes.


The ideal dosage is moderate-intensity exercise 30 mins a day, 5 days a week.


Such activities are: brisk walking, swimming, and anything else that gets your blood moving including housework.


To maximise the joy of being active, try doing it with other people. It won’t be boring and you’ll be socially involved! And if you want to persevere with it, do something that is fun or that you enjoy!



Written by Dr. Noel Duncan


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