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Benefits of drinking water

Last Updated: 18 January 2019








Benefits of drinking water

Water! OK, it doesn’t taste as good as coke, orange juice or coffee and, in fact, some of us tend to consume these more than water but truth is that our body needs it.

We are composed of about 60% of water and it is water that helps us maintain the balance of our body temperature, transport nutrients and control calories! It contains neither calories that can lead to weight gain, nor sugar that can have a damaging effect on our teeth.


It also keeps our skin elastic and smooth and can decrease the risk of certain types of cancer – breast, bladder, colon cancer, etc.


But most importantly drinking water can boost your energy throughout the day and prevent mid-day tiredness, dehydration, headaches, light-headedness, drowsiness and exhaustion. Cool, huh!


The Department of Health recommends 1.2 litres of daily water intake. Juices, tea, coffee, fizzy or drinks do not count!



Written by Dr. Noel Duncan



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