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Dark chocolate

Last Updated: 19 January 2019








Dark chocolate

We all love it, right? Now there is no reason to feel guilty for indulging your crave for it!


A recent clinical study has shown that the cocoa in dark chocolate triggers better blood flow to the brain and is associated with an improved brain activity and short-term boost of cognitive skills.


Another research has found that chocolate has a protective effect on the heart; it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. It also plays a positive role in lowering blood pressure and the cholesterol levels.


Dark chocolate is also quite rich in antioxidants which are extremely beneficial to the skin making it smooth and slowing down aging. It also ameliorates the overall condition of the body as it cleans off some of the pollutants and neutralises some of the harmful chemical reactions occurring within the body.


Even though consumption of chocolate has generally been considered harmful, studies show that there are some positive sides associated with it. The trick is to just be careful with how much and how often. When you crave for chocolate, buy small bars rather than the big family ones. Also, chose dark over any other type of chocolate.


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan


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