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Healthy snacking

Last Updated: 19 January 2019








Healthy snacking

Some of us often have the habit of unhealthy snacking because either we’re hungry and can’t be bothered or simply can’t have something decent to eat right now. But sometimes snacking is a result of our emotional state – boredom, procrastination, depression, stress, etc.


And sometimes we just can’t help it, crisps are just tasty! And sweets too! And let’s be honest it is so much easier to just eat something snacky while we’re absorbed with work instead of going through all the trouble of properly eating.


Often habits prove to be difficult to oust but we can find an alternative decision to snacking by merely consuming foods that are healthier.



Instead of the fizzy sodas, why not try smoothies. They are easy to make, more than delicious and very nutritious for your body. Another alternative are juices, water and tea (without milk). The water intake will increase your energy, will make you feel fresher and may help you lose some weight.



Rather than snacking on chocolate or sweets, why not try bite-size fresh fruits – apple, pear, orange, banana, kiwi, melon, the list goes on and on, pretty much everything will do the trick.



And if you are feeling like having something savoury, why not have some chopped raw veggies such as carrots, pepper, cucumber, cherry tomatoes or some sweet corn. Yum!



Another excellent alternative is unsalted nuts. They are a convenient snack option when you’re in the office. They are rich in protein and consuming them lowers the risk of high blood cholesterol, heart disease and cancer! Also dried fruits! They are delicious and some of them have the same nutrition values as fresh fruits! Did you go nuts already?!



You can toss some fruits in it or cereal and enjoy its fresh taste! Yoghurt contains plenty of calcium and active bacteria which facilitates the digestive system by breaking down food, absorbing nutrients and fighting ‘unfriendly’ organism that can cause some troubles such as diarrhoea.


You’ve got ideas now and no excuse to snack unhealthily! Enjoy!


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan

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