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Fun ways to get fit

Last Updated: 20 January 2019








Fun ways to get fit

An age-old promise that we keep making to ourselves on birthdays, on New Year’s Eve or when we decide to start our lives anew is that we are going to stay fit.

We keep telling ourselves that it is not only “good for our bodies” but it will also help us “look better and feel better about ourselves”. True but somehow we rarely get to actually preserve with it. The trouble is that our busy lives do not really ‘allow’ us to work out as often because we neither have the time nor the energy to do so, or we just use it as an excuse not to embark on that promise. Sweating in the gym is the traditional approach but it doesn’t have to be so tedious so we compiled a list of a few different sports through which you can work your way up to having a great-looking body while having fun all the way.



Very fun and refreshing indeed! You can do it on the background of your favourite music and you can do it at home too! You don’t need any special preparation or outfit, and you can do it anytime – while making coffee or cooking – and at any place in the house- the kitchen, the bedroom, the hallway. You’ve got the opportunity to improvise, experiment and get ridiculous without having to worry about how you look and how sweaty you are. You can also try taking dance lessons –salsa, cha cha cha, ballet, you name it. Dance classes will most definitely be more effective than home-dancing as they are a perfect workout for the whole body. Not to mention how many people you’ll meet there and how much fun you are going to have. The result will be a good-looking body and a new skill that will ‘wow’ people when you go to a club!



This may not sound as fit-keeping as it actually is but swimming and the extra pressure that water puts on you, will help your muscles all over your body develop really well, it boosts your stamina and facilitates the burning of calories. Also swimming helps you exercise without putting extra pressure on your joints which other physical activities do. Besides, water is very refreshing and it will make you feel light as a feather! If you are a person who likes solitary activities or if you just want some alone time where no family members, friends or anybody else disturbs you, this may be just for you.


Indoor climbing:

That is a sport that will give you the adrenalin rush, thrill and excitement that your life may be lacking while being safe enough for you to practice. It’s a total workout as while climbing, every muscle in the body, from head to toe, is being used.  It’s extremely good for the muscles on the legs, arms, lower back and the stomach.



Fencing is a chance to actually feel like the superhero that you are. It will boost your ability to focus, and will help you develop your tactical thinking skills. In addition, no matter how much practice you’ve had, you’d never know what your opponent is going to do and that aspect of not-knowing is what makes it so thrilling.



Why not try roller-skating instead of jogging? It’s sort of the same but it’s much funnier! It may sound a bit childlike but you’re never too old for that! You’ll burn calories in no time and strengthen the muscles on your legs, lower back and stomach. If you want to burn more calories, you have to pick up the pace by moving your legs faster and swinging your arms. Just don’t forget a helmet! And be careful!


Football, Rowing, Paintball, Tennis or other team sports:

They are all an excellent opportunity to have some fun with friends and family while burning some calories and making the muscles stronger.  You will be so absorbed in the game that you will not feel as if you are actually exercising but just having some fun family time. The good thing about those sports is that they all require focus and focusing on them is what will take your mind off things and will help you rest mentally. Additionally, physical activity triggers endorphins (feel-good chemicals in the brain) that make us feel happy.


To conclude, exercising and being active is a key step in having a healthy body and a healthy mind. Sticking to the decision to stay active is of vital important, of course, but so is enjoying it. No point in doing it if you are not going to get something in return, apart from the obvious benefits to your health.


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan



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