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Chicken delight

Last Updated: 17 January 2019








Chicken delight

Research has found that chicken helps reverse high blood pressure - winner winner chicken dinner!

This was discovered after Japanese scientists experimented by feeding protein from chicken legs to rats with high blood pressure. They found that these rats’ had lower blood pressure at both eight hours, and four weeks after.


Chicken has less saturated fat than most red meats. Saturated fats can increase blood cholesterol making heart disease and high blood pressure worse. With increasing numbers of people being diagnosed with high blood pressure, it seems that adding chicken to your shopping list may be the right step to take.


Other health benefits of chicken:


High protein

Skinless chicken has a surprisingly high amount of protein packed in with approx. 30g protein per 100g.  Protein is essential for a healthy body. It is responsible for building and repairing muscles, cells and bones as well as helping to breakdown toxins.


Cancer fighting antioxidants

Chicken contains a high amount of the antioxidant Selenium that is known to help to fight cancer.


Metabolism boosting vitamins

Vitamins found in chicken aid in metabolic processes, particularly processing protein and carbohydrates, converting carbohydrates to energy and maintaining healthy cells within the body.


Tips for adding chicken to your daily menu:



Slice up leftover chicken and add it to:

- sandwiches

- wraps

- soups

- salads

- pie fillings



Options for a chicken dinner are endless! Whether you bake it, grill it or fry it, ensure you remove the skin first to minimise fat intake. Try out some of our favourite recipes:

- Chicken chilli

- Chicken & leek stew

- Pesto chicken

- Healthy chicken biryani


For more meal ideas and recipes, take a look at our recipe library!


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan & Perri Simon




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