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Beat boring salads

Last Updated: 19 January 2019








Beat boring salads

So what if we said that salad doesn’t have to be dull, doesn’t have to involve lettuce and definitely doesn’t need to be blander than wet cardboard. Yes it’s doable, and in fact, it’s far easier than you think.

Most people wouldn’t rate salad as one of their favourite dishes. In fact for many people the word ‘salad’ brings to mind a pile of soggy lettuce, topped with a couple lumps of tomato and a meagre sprinkling of tangy dressing. Not particularly inspiring. Why not try these suggestions to spice things up in the kitchen:


This is a Middle Eastern salad that uses bulgur (a cereal similar in texture to couscous) and parsley as the key ingredient. When prepared with lemon, mint, shallots, tomatoes and olive oil it makes a healthy and zesty salad that takes a little work but is definitely worth it. It is a summery dish so if you’re looking for something the kick away the winter blues, this makes a great alternative to that boring salad.


Duck, Pecan and Cranberry Salad
Duck is a greatly undervalued poultry, that tends to be associated with fatty, salty meals. But without the skin, duck actually has a lower calorific value than skinless chicken! Prepared with pecans, watercress, cranberries and red chicory will give you a sweet, smoky dish that’s great for the cold weather. Drizzle with a dressing of mustard, olive oil and vinegar for an extra kick.


Tarragon Chicken with Spinach
If you’re not a fan of duck, chicken is still a great healthy choice to add something a bit bulkier to a salad. Cooked up and served with tarragon, lemon, pepper and spinach will give you a salad that’s full of flavour and still healthy. Adding a drizzle of tahini over the salad will also give it a satisfying Middle Eastern twist. 


If you’ve got any other inspiring salad ideas let us know #SiSUWellness


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan

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