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Weekend warning

Last Updated: 17 January 2019








Weekend warning

It’s Friday! Time to down tools and head home for a relaxing couple of days. We all have our favourite weekend activities from running a marathon to going for a gentle walk. 


A bit of exercise at the weekend does everyone the world of good, and if you’re like millions of people worldwide breaking the mould from a week of sitting at your desk. It’s not just good exercise, but it also helps negate the effects of a weekend phenomenon.


You see, research from Washington University School of Medicine has found that on average, and usually without realising it, we eat far more on the weekend than they do throughout the week.


This could be attributed to a higher chance of people attending events, eating out and getting a takeaway on the weekends. This food is usually very unhealthy for you and can wreak havoc on a healthy eating plan. And it’s not just food – since Friday and Saturday aren’t ‘school nights’ there’s much more of a temptation to have a couple of extra drinks; it’s not like we have to be up in the morning!


There’s obviously nothing wrong with treating ourselves occasionally and it is recommended as part of a balanced diet. However, when the temptation associated with Saturday and Sunday means we really need to keep a close eye on what we’re eating and striking the correct balance during your well-earned weekends.


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan



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