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Food psychology

Last Updated: 10 January 2019








Food psychology

Oregon Research Institute scientists used brain scans to reveal that obese people get less satisfaction from eating than those who had a lower body mass index which causes them to overeat to compensate.


They found that obese people had less activity in the part of the brain that controls release of dopamine (which is a chemical that gives you a pleasure ‘high’) than people of a healthy body weight. As they do not get satisfied when they eat it is likely they overeat to the point of becoming obese.


Written by Dr. Noel Duncan

Stice, E, Spoor, S, Bohon, C & Small, DM. Relation between obesity and blunted striatal response to food is moderated by TaqIA A1 allele. Science. 2008 Oct 17; 322(5900):449-52.

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